A set of là gì

If a story, film, etc. Is mix in a particular time or place, the kích hoạt in it happens in that time or place:

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< + adj > After years in prison, the men who had wrongfully been found guilty of the bombing were finally mix free.
to put furniture and other things on a stage so that it represents the time and the place in which the action of a play, film, or television programme is going to happen:
If a precious stone is set in/into a piece of jewellery, or a piece of jewellery is set with a precious stone, the stone is fixed firmly to lớn the piece of jewellery:
If you have your hair set, you have it arranged while it is wet so that it will be in a particular style when it is dry.
If you phối a part of your body, you tighten the muscles around it in order to show that you are determined about something:
(of the sun, moon, or planets) lớn go down below the horizon (= the line at which the earth seems to join the sky):
a number of objects or pieces of equipment needed for a particular activity, especially playing a game:
the place where a film or play is performed or recorded, và the pictures, furniture, etc. That are used:
UK The restaurant does a set lunch (= a meal which is offered at a fixed price, but with little or no choice about what you have to lớn eat) on Sundays.

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If you have your hair set, you have it arranged while it is wet so that it will stay in a particular style when it is dry.
set sb a goal/target/challenge Analysts said the ngân hàng had set itself a tough target of increasing its revenues by 6% per annum.
a mix of sth We have laid out a phối of principles lớn help leaders translate their values into actions.

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be set to vị sth Fears that interest rates are set khổng lồ rise have knocked stock markets around the world.
But this is also khổng lồ be kept secret, lest he should perhaps want lớn set himself against this as well.
This tool uses a set of known plans lớn learn the preconditions & effects of the kích hoạt within the plans.