Have you ever heard the expression, “Like a kid in a candy store”? That’s exactly how I feel in a bookstore. The sight of all those beautiful new books, glossy-covered & filled with words waiting for me khổng lồ read them, makes my eyes light up.

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Until I look at the price tags, that is. Even paperback novels cost as much as a movie ticket, & the prices for hardcover books và college textbooks are even more staggering. At these prices, if I bought every book I wanted to lớn read, I’d have no money for anything else.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways khổng lồ keep yourself in reading material on a budget.

How khổng lồ Save Money on Books

Rather than blow my entire paycheck buying books, I’ve learned ways to tư vấn my reading habit for less. I’m constantly seeking new sources of cheap và — better still — không tính tiền books. & over the years, I’ve uncovered some great resources for the bookworm on a budget.

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1. Libraries

For any book lover, a public library is heaven on earth — a whole building full of books anyone can read for free. If you have a good library in your town, a library thẻ is your ticket lớn every era in history and every world you could ever dream of.

Sadly, not all public libraries are created equal. Some are vast edifices crammed with millions of volumes on every subject, while others are modest buildings housing only a few shelves.

Fortunately, when you borrow books from the library, you’re not limited lớn what’s in your local branch. Your library thẻ gives you access khổng lồ more than just the stacks. It’s a passport lớn your entire library system thanks khổng lồ old-fashioned cooperation and modern technology.

Interlibrary Loan. If your local library is part of a larger system, you can access any book in that system. Your local librarian can tìm kiếm other branches for the title you want & have it shipped khổng lồ your local branch, where you check it out, read it, và return it.

2. E-Books

Digital books are typically cheaper than physical ones. For example, many titles on Amazon also have a Kindle edition available, & those cost less than a printed paperback. For some longer books, the e-book is as little as half the price of the print version.

E-books have other advantages over physical books too. They don’t take up room on your bookshelves, which are already packed if they’re anything lượt thích mine. Và you don’t need a dedicated e-reader lớn view them. Không tính phí apps lượt thích the Kindle app, the Nook app, Libby, Adobe Digital Editions, và Calibre allow you khổng lồ read digital books on any portable device.

You can also find digital versions of many books online for free, legally. E-libraries are one major source, but even if your library doesn’t belong to lớn one, there are plenty of other sites khổng lồ get your book fix.

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For example, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & the iTunes store offer some không tính tiền e-books. The book nhận xét site Goodreads offers both full-length books and short teasers authors have made available khổng lồ read online. You can also find over 60,000 public domain name works on Project Gutenberg.

3. Audiobooks

Audiobooks give you the freedom to enjoy a good story while keeping your hands miễn phí for other tasks. You can listen on the road, in the shower, or while doing chores. Any device that plays digital music, such as a computer, smartphone, or dedicated music player, can play audiobooks.

The biggest provider of audiobooks is Audible, which is owned by Amazon. For a flat monthly fee of $7.95, you get unlimited access lớn a selected các mục of audiobooks, podcasts, and Audible Originals (exclusive audio stories created just for Audible). The first month is free. Other audiobook subscription services include Downpour & Scribd.

You can also borrow audiobooks through many e-libraries. For instance, Hoopla is a service that partners with public libraries across the country to provide their patrons digital content, including e-books & audiobooks.

There are also không tính phí recordings of public tên miền works read by volunteers on Librivox.

4. Used Books

As handy as e-books and audiobooks are, old-fashioned bound books still have a few significant advantages. You can take them everywhere, and they never run out of power. For thrifty readers, the best perk of bound books is that they’re easy khổng lồ find secondhand at really low prices.

Places you can find used books include:

5. Book Swaps

When you keep buying lots of books at really low prices, you run out of shelf space after a while. That’s why book swaps are a win-win for book junkies. You can clear out your overstuffed shelves, pass along the excess books to other book lovers, & bring trang chủ new titles to lớn read & enjoy.

There are several ways to trade with other bookworms.

Final Word

Years ago, I had a nightshirt covered with portraits of famous authors like Walt Whitman and Jane Austen. In the middle was the slogan, “A book lover never goes to bed alone.” It’s funny, but it’s also true. As long as I have a book lớn take khổng lồ bed, I never feel alone. I have whole worlds và all the people in them lớn keep me company.

Being a book lover also means life never gets boring. As long as you have plenty of books, you always have plenty of entertainment or new ideas. Và with so many ways to lớn save money on books, you need never lack for books either. Your only problem will be finding the time to lớn read them all.

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But if you’re running low, you can start with our favorite personal finance books.