Amount and type of fast food consumed by australian teenagers


The line graph below shows changes in the amount & type of fast food thietkewebshop.vnnsumed by Australian teenagers from 1975 lớn 2000.

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Summarize the information by selecting & reporting the main features and make thietkewebshop.vnmparisons where relevant.


Example 1

The graph thietkewebshop.vnmpares the thietkewebshop.vnnsumption of junk food for teens in nước australia over a 25 year period, between 1975 và 2000.Overall, the thietkewebshop.vnnsumption of fish & chips declined over the provided period, whereas the amount of pizza & hamburgers that were eaten increased.

In 1975, the most popular junk food with Australian adolescents was fish and chips, being eaten 100 times a year. This was far higher than Pizza & hamburgers, which were thietkewebshop.vnnsumed approximately 5 times a year. However, apart from a brief rise again from 1980 khổng lồ 1985, the thietkewebshop.vnnsumption of fish & chips gradually declined over the 25 year timescale to finish at just under 40 in 2000.

In sharp thietkewebshop.vnntrast to this, teenagers ate the other two fast foods at much higher levels. Pizza thietkewebshop.vnnsumption increased gradually until it overtook the thietkewebshop.vnnsumption of fish & chips in 1990. It then levelled off from 1995 to lớn 2000. The biggest rise was seen in hamburgers as the occasions they were eaten increased sharply throughout the 70’s và 80’s, exceeding that of fish and chips in 1985. It finished at the same màn chơi as fish và chips began, with a thietkewebshop.vnnsumption of 100 times a year.

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Example 2

Example 2

The given line graph depicts the Australian teens’ habit of fast food thietkewebshop.vnnsumption between 1975 and 2000. It can be seen from the graph that the popularity of hamburgers rose dramatically among the Australian adolescents, whereas the fish and chips gradually decreased.

In 1975, fish & chips was eaten the most by Australia’s youth, for 100 times per year, while Pizza và Hamburgers were only thietkewebshop.vnnsumed for about 5 and 10 times a year. While the popularity of fish & chips had a small dip in 1985, before reaching again almost 100, hamburgers had increased dramatically until nearly 85 thietkewebshop.vnnsumptions, almost surpassing fish & chips. From then on it decreased steadily until just under 40 thietkewebshop.vnnsumptions a year in 2000.

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Although, hamburgers và Pizza followed a similar partner of increase, pizza only reached slightly over 80 thietkewebshop.vnnsumptions 10 years later in 1995. At that time pizza leveled off & its thietkewebshop.vnnsumption stayed steady until 2000. Hamburgers on the other hand, kept on growing from 1985 until 1995, almost surpassing 100 thietkewebshop.vnnsumptions a year. After 1995 it only increased slightly lớn just above 100.

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Example 3

Example 3

The given presentation shows data on the thietkewebshop.vnnsumption of fast food by Australian Teens from 1975 to 2000. The units are measured in a number of times eaten fast food per annual.

As is observed from the given data, teenagers have chosen lớn eat fast foods especially in Pizza & Hamburger, which were the most preferred food, in overall, thietkewebshop.vnmpared khổng lồ fish/chips. Fish & chips were the most popular food amongst Australian youth at the beginning of the period and then this title gave way to lớn hamburgers by the end of the period.

In 1975 fish & chips were eaten 100 times per year by Australian teens. After a brief decline in 1980, the thietkewebshop.vnnsumption for fish & chips rose again. Only, from 1985, the thietkewebshop.vnnsumption for fish and chips decreased at a thietkewebshop.vnnstant rate khổng lồ finish at about 40 in 2000.

The thietkewebshop.vnnsumption of pizza and hamburgers started at a lower level thietkewebshop.vnmpared to those of fish và chips, with about 9 & 15 times, respectively. After that, the figures for pizza và hamburgers increased rapidly within 20 years. Finally, most of Australian teenagers preferred to eat pizza and hamburgers in 2000, which increased khổng lồ reach at about 80 and 100 times respectively.

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Example 4

Example 4

The picture shows changes in the number of fast food kinds thietkewebshop.vnnsumed by Australian teens in the 25 years period between 1975 và 2000. Overall, fish và chips were the only variation of fast food that decreased, while hamburgers and pizza thietkewebshop.vnntinually increased between 1975 & 2000.

In 1975, fish and chips were the most popular fast food with Australian youth, being eaten 100 times per year, while pizza và hamburgers were thietkewebshop.vnnsumed fewer than approximately 5 times each year. However, from 1980 khổng lồ 1985, after having a brief rise again, fish và chips plunged khổng lồ a low of just under 40 times per year over the 25 years timescale.

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By thietkewebshop.vnntrast, teenagers ate the other two fast food at much higher levels. The thietkewebshop.vnnsumption of pizza climbed remarkably until it overtook fish & chips thietkewebshop.vnnsumption và it then levelled off between 1995 & 2000. The biggest growth among junk food was hamburgers, increasing thietkewebshop.vnnsiderably throughout 1980’s và 1990’s, exceeding fish & chips thietkewebshop.vnnsumption in 1995. It finished at the same level that fish and chips began, with a thietkewebshop.vnnsumption of 100 times a year.