Speaking Part 1 Questions Answer

IELTS Speaking Part 1: Work or Studies

IELTS Speaking Part 1: Work or Studies

Topic # – Study

1.Do you work or study?

I am a student. I am pursuing my last year at B.com from Punjab University, Chandigarh.

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2.What vày you study?

Being a commerce student, I study subjects like Management, Economics, và Accounts. I would lượt thích to become an entrepreneur, that’s why I chose the commerce stream.3.Is it a popular course at your university?It’s a popular course because today’s youngsters have a huge inclination towards business. Most of them want khổng lồ own a startup. & the best way to become an entrepreneur is to study commerce.

4.Do you enjoy studying it?I like most of the subjects. I have a keen interest in Management & Accounting và I enjoy making balance sheets. However, I find Economics boring.5.Do you get along with your classmates?Since I am a talkative person, I have this uncanny knack of making a lot of friends. I mô tả a cordial relationship with all of my classmates và we spend gala time together.

6.If you could change lớn another subject, what would it be?Economics is my weakness, therefore I would lượt thích to change it. History is one such subject which I enjoy. If given a chance, I would lượt thích to have History as a subject instead of Economics. 7.Do you plan khổng lồ use the subject you are studying in the future?Yes, I am a budding entrepreneur. I have made a blueprint for launching an e-commerce trang web soon. Whatever I have learned during my college education regarding business, I will implement that on my website.

8.What is the most difficult part of your subject?The most troublesome part is to remember so much data và figures, especially in a subject lượt thích Economics, where a sizeable part of learning is all theoretical, but you cannot địa chỉ cửa hàng anything from your side.9.What would lượt thích to study in the future?After doing graduation, I will pursue a Master’s in Business Administration from a renowned university.

10.Why did you choose your university?I chose it for two reasons. First, it is close to my hometown, so it is very easy for me lớn commute. Second, the placement record of this institution is good. Thousands of my seniors from this institution are working in Multinational companies at a handsome salary package.

Topic # – Work

1.Do you work or study?I passed my graduation in 2016; I work for a Multinational Company.

2.What is your job?I work as a content Writer with Wiz Infotech.3.

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Why did you choose that job?Since my childhood, I have had a keen interest in writing. After passing my graduation, I thought of converting my passion into my profession. That’s why I forayed the field of content Writing.

4.Are there lots of content Writers in your City?My thành phố is known as an IT hub. There are thousands of companies dealing with IT related services. Since content Writing work is of paramount significance for any IT company, nội dung writers are in great demand. That’s why it is a burgeoning field, & there are an enormous demand and supply of nội dung writers.5.Do you enjoy your job?Yes, because I love my work. While doing work, I get into a state of flow, and time passes too quickly.

6.Do you get on well with your co-workers?Being a person of altruistic nature, I nói qua a harmonious relationship with all my Co-workers. I always try to provide them with unabated tư vấn in both personal and professional life.7.What was your first day at work?It was challenging. My mentor gave me a brief regarding my prime responsibilities, & on the very first day, my manager assigned me the daunting task of writing content for a new website of a prestigious client. Although it was a hectic day, I still enjoyed it.8.What responsibilities vì you have at work?

My primary task is to write nội dung for various websites. Along with that, I manage a team of newly hired interns. Apart from this, I handle business development too.9.Would you like to change your job in the future?Yes, because since my childhood, I have had this dream to lớn become an entrepreneur. To achieve it, I have already started doing freelance nội dung writing work. Once I get bulk work, I will leave my job and hire a team to lớn climb the ladder of success.10.What is your typical day lượt thích at work?I start my day at 9 am by replying lớn the client’s emails. After that, I research writing the content as per the requirement. Lớn reduce complaints, I vày a chất lượng check of the tasks by the interns. From 3 pm-5 pm, I vày proofreading the articles. Post proofreading, I submit my work and leave the office at 6 pm.


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What would you change about your job?Web nội dung authors are the backbone of any IT organization. However, the salary package that the company provides us is less compared khổng lồ the payout given to lớn the employees of other departments like Sales, Human Resources, và Workforce management. I think the management team should take this informed decision of paying us on par with other departments.