Why Education Is More Important Now Than Ever Before &Mdash; The Foundation For Tomorrow

It is the key khổng lồ bringing us out of the dark agesEducation has the power to lớn change livesEducation is so important khổng lồ a person & to societyEducation is a powerful toolEducation comes with many benefits

Dr. Jennifer Jones


Executive Director và Co-Founder, Ivy & Quill Admission Essay Consulting and Editing Services

Education gives people access lớn learning

When one enters into the world, they have a quality set of DNA that accounts for their nature. Depending on location, society, socioeconomic background, và most importantly upbringing at home, one’s experience with nurture is shaped through early formative experiences that will either benefit or challenge them as they grow into young children, adolescents & later on into adults.

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I believe that the only true factor into guiding an individual to live a decent & meaningful life is when they receive an education whether it is academically based, through life experience, or learned while on the job or by performing a task.

In the broadest sense, education is what gives people access to lớn learning and when one learns something, they have the opportunity lớn acquire knowledge that can be processed, reflected upon, & recalled in a variety of circumstances and interpersonal relationships both personally & professionally.

In terms of scholastic education, when young children have a solid and positive foundation that instills the joy of learning through exploration và discovery, they start to form positive habits of becoming lifelong learners.

By the time they approach middle school, they are prepared lớn take on more sophisticated challenges when approaching a range of subject matter that can help them define their path of study along with rediscovering themselves within the world as they go through physical, emotional, & mental changes.

Equally important is one’s transition into high school. In today’s day & age where higher education has become tremendously costly, one may initially feel deterred to lớn pursue a college education.

Yet if guided and supported by families, teachers, and the community, students can learn that there are many good organizations & scholarships out there that support college-bound students who strive for success upon their own merit.

Without having primary, secondary, and at the very least, undergraduate level education or vocational training, individuals will find themselves virtually “iced-out” of true possibility of financial stability as they enter into adulthood.

What the global community needs khổng lồ understand is that education has to lớn be at the forefront of our minds—starting within our homes, within school districts, society, & reaching up khổng lồ the governing level. The day that we stop learning is the day that we stop living.

Education is one of the most defining aspects of one’s life – if not the most important.

Apart from the obvious reason of preparing a student for the professional world, it serves a much broader scope.A good education should not only equip a student with specific knowledge but also provide a broader view of the possibilities available in today’s world, widening the horizons of the students.

As of today, the traditional concept of education as a step well defined in time and duration towards a profession is no longer valid.

The ever-changing world we live in now, fast-paced and constantly progressing, demands for life-long learning in order khổng lồ keep updated with the latest trends, technologies, and tools that can help us lớn become better suited & more effective in the pursuit of a fulfilling career.

Education becomes then all the more important, for it is no more a single step to face in order lớn reach a profession, a box lớn tick once done, but rather an on-going process that’s closely linked to self-development.

It’s no longer about acquiring technical or vocational skills – instead, it’s about empowering students with a toolbox of transferable knowledge that will contribute to lớn forming their mindset.

At a later stage, it’s about nurturing the skills and knowledge already mastered khổng lồ develop a better understanding of the world and where it’s headed.

The most difficult challenge is to ensure that there are tools to support learners as they go through education, which is what we do at Pathfinder, as our vision is lớn provide a platform that leads students to lớn find & prepare for a fulfilling career.

We believe that self-development, career-development, và education shouldn’t be perceived as siloed stages of life anymore. They are different aspects of the developing journey, intertwined & equally important.

Education sharpens your skills

So many people are faced with the problem of having the passion for something, but lacking the key skills they need to take it from hobby to lớn profession. Think about the famous Abraham Lincoln quote for a second, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree & I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

A lack of proper education is lượt thích working with a dull axe. Sure, you will eventually accomplish your goal, but it will take you far longer and dramatically more effort.

Education sharpens your skills & even though you get off to a delayed start, you catch up and pass those who skipped it in short matter of time.

It gives you the ability to lớn think independently

In my opinion, there are three reasons why education is so important in life:

First, education gives you the exposure và the ability lớn think independently that you require in life khổng lồ succeed on all fronts.

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It helps you in creating opinions and distinguishing right from wrong.

Secondly, it helps you develop a quality perspective in life along with building confidence in your skills. This helps you in dealing with difficult situations in a sound và rational manner.

Thirdly, education helps you get innovative and creative. Let me give you one example – as a student, I was quick lớn make money writing articles for publications và covering some expenses. Similarly, I know of college students, who work as a virtual assistant và earn $1-2k a month which helps them pay student debt sooner than others.

Education develops critical thinking

Aside from offering increased professional opportunities and the chance lớn make more money, education has some less tangible, but just as important, effects.

One is that we are presented with context, with history, with a realization that we are not the first generation to lớn be unhappy with the status quo, lớn protest, to lớn seek a better world. We get a sense of our present in relation lớn the past, and we can better frame the future.

On a personal level, we can also realize that we are not the first person lớn feel alone, vulnerable, or afraid. Literature, with its characters và stories, can shine a light on our troubles & perhaps make them more manageable. “Wow, that’s just how I feel!” is something more than one person has said after reading a line of Shakespeare.

Another major element of education is the development of critical thinking. This ability, lớn see the more complex and nuanced aspects of an issue, opinion, or challenge, is key. It plays a vital role as we make choices, personal, professional, and political.

Education comes with many benefits

In today’s constantly evolving world, it’s more important than ever khổng lồ stay educated. Education comes with many benefits that you can apply lớn both your career and personal life.

You are keeping your brain active and healthy

By consistently learning, you are keeping your brain active & healthy. Not lớn mention, education provides you with new skills và the confidence to tackle new projects.

Thankfully, you can find a ton of educational resources for free online khổng lồ get you started with almost any subject.

It provides motivation

Also, I believe the most beneficial aspect of education is the motivation it provides. One of the best ways to avoid feeling ‘stagnated’, or lượt thích you’re not going anywhere, is lớn learn something new và set goals for yourself.

There’s nothing that feels better than achieving a goal from scratch. So if you’re ever feeling stuck, it’s probably a good idea khổng lồ dive into something you’ve always wanted to learn.

Education can help you find new ways to enhance your life

You might find a new hobby, or even a cause you’re passionate about! Personally, I became enthralled by the government và politics when I was in high school.

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I put a lot of time & effort into learning how our government functioned (and a whole lot of history). I’ve since put in hundreds of hours of volunteer work for various political campaigns, which has paved the way for a lot of opportunities to xuất hiện up.