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How vày the people in the following pictures feel?They feel exhausted.They feel happy.What happens when family members nói qua housework? Many hands make light work.Unit 1: Family lifeLesson 6 : WritingMany hands make light workTask 1. Discuss the meaning of the saying below.Task 2. Read the thietkewebshop.vn & complete the chartMending things around the house, cleaning the bathroomDoing most of the cooking và grocery shoppingDoing the laundry, taking out the rubbish and cleaning the fridge, laying the table formeals, sweeping the house and feeding the mèo (share with sister
Helping mum prepare meals & washing the dishes, laying the table for meals,sweeping the house & feeding the mèo (share with brother)Task 3. Answer the questions.1. How many people are there in Lam"s family?  There are four people in Lam’s family.2. Why are they very busy? Because both parents work & the children spend most of their time at school. 3. How bởi vì they split the housework in the family?  They split the housework equally in the family. 4. What household chores does each member of the family do?  The father mends things around the house và cleans the bathroom; the mother does most of the cooking và grocery shopping; Lam doesthe laundry, takes the trash and cleans the fridge once a week; An helps her mother to prepare meals & washes the dishes; Lam và Antake turns laying the table for meals, sweeping the house, & feeding the cat.5.

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Bởi the family members enjoy the housework? Yes, they do. They bởi vì it willingly.6. What are the benefits of everyone in the family sharing the housework? The burden is less, so everyone has time to relax.Task 4. Make your family chore chartTask 5: Using the household chores chart in Task 4 and the answers in Task 3, write a paragraph abouthow people in your family nói qua houseworkThe paragraph can consist of three parts
Part 1: Introduction lớn the family: how many people, who the members are,..(question 1&2)Part 2: How the family members share the housework, what each of themdoes (question 3&4)Part 3: What family members think of doing housework (question 5&6)Sample writingThere are four people in my family: my parents, my older brother and I. We are all very busypeople, so we divide/ split the household chores equally. My Mom does cooks, cleans theroom & shops for grocery. My Dad does the hard stuff like lifting heavy thingsand repairs work like fixing plumbing và electricity. My older brother takes out the rubbish,cleans the house & feeds the dogs. & me, I vày the washing-up, do the laundry và waterthe flowers. In my family, every member contributes khổng lồ making the home a beautiful andhappy place lớn live in.- Learn new words.- Prepare the next lesson.