Do You Agree With Charlene In "I'Ve Never Been To Me"?


Popularly known by her mononym, Charlene, Charlene Marilynn D’ Angelo Duncan Oliver(b. 1950) is an American easy-listening, R&B, và pop singer. She became well-known mainly because of this 1982 hit, “I’ve Never Been khổng lồ Me”. (Photo Credit:

Written and composed by Ron Miller & Kenneth Hirsch, “I’ve Never Been lớn Me” is a ballad which is best known via a recording by American pop singer Charlene.

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Originally released in 1977, “I’ve Never Been to Me” barely registered on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. It was then re-released in 1982 where it hit no. 3 in the US. Moreover, it earned Charlene a Gold Certification in Australia. In addition, the tuy vậy topped the charts in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, & Ireland.

‘Been to paradise but never been khổng lồ me…’

Best known as lyrically formatted for a female vocalist, the tuy nhiên is addressed to lớn a desperate wife & mother. She would lượt thích to trade her prosaic existence for the jet-setting lifestyle the song’s narrator has led. The narrator alludes to various hedonistic episodes in her life. As a conclusion, while she’s “been to lớn paradise”, she’s ultimately failed to find self-fulfillment. This was expressed in the line, “I’ve never been lớn me.”

On the other hand, there is also an alternative mix of lyrics for the tuy nhiên formatted for a male singer. The narrator is an elderly man, destined lớn die the very next day. Begging for a dime for a cup of coffee, he addresses a younger man who is “raising hell” the way the old man used lớn do.

Charlene & the song

Charlene had recorded “I’ve Never Been khổng lồ Me” in 1976 for her debut album, the self-titledCharlene, a Prodigal release.Songs of Lovecame out six months later in 1977. Khổng lồ add, it was essentially a re-issue ofCharlene.It has a slightly different track listing but retained “I’ve Never Been to lớn Me” without the spoken section.

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Upon its September 1977 single release, “I’ve Never Been lớn Me” became Charlene’s third consecutive single lớn stall in the lowest part of the BillboardHot 100.

Other Versions

The earliest version of “I’ve Never Been to Me” to lớn be released was that byRandy Crawford.Itappeared on his 1976 album releaseEverything Must Change.Besides Charlene’s version, 1977 also saw the release of versions of the tuy vậy byNancy WilsonandWalter Jackson.

Nancy Wilson’s version served as the title track of her June 1977 album release. Meanwhile, Walter Jackson’s version – featuring the lyric formatted from a male perspective – was featured on hisI Want lớn Come Back As A Songalbum released in the spring of 1977.

In February 1978, a mid-tempo recording of “I’ve Never Been to Me” byMary McGregorwas released. It was included in herIn Your Eyesalbum. A modified version of MacGregor’s version was sent out to lớn radio stations with the possibly controversial line in the final chorus:

“I spent my life exploring the subtle whoring that costs too much to be free”, amended lớn “I thought my heart would wait but I learned too late that it costs too much lớn be free.”

Also in 1978,Marti Cainerecorded the tuy vậy for her album releaseBehind the Smilefrom which it was issued as a single. On the other hand, Mary Roosrecorded the German rendering by lyricistMichael Kunze. It was entitled “Doch mich selber kenn ich nicht” (But I vày not know myself) for her albumMaryland.

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