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Tóm tắt bài bác giảng

1. Pronunciation Language Focus Unit 2 

2. Grammar Language Focus Unit 2

2.1. Wh-question

2.2. Gerund - khổng lồ infinitive

3. Exercise Language Focus Unit 2

3.1. Exercise 1 Language Focus Unit 2

3.2. Exercise 2 Language Focus Unit 2

3.3. Exercise 3 Language Focus Unit 2

Bài tập minh họa

Bài tập trắc nghiệm Language Focus Unit 2

Hỏi đáp Language Focus Unit 2

Câu hỏi bước đầu bằng Wh (What, Who, Which, Where, When, Why, How,...) thường được đặt câu hỏi theo các phương pháp dưới đây

Đối với hễ từ tobe

Wh-question + be + S + complement (vị ngữ)?

Ví dụ: What are you interested in?

Where is he?

Why are they silent?

Đối với cồn từ khiếm khuyết (may, might, can, could, must, ought to,...)

Wh - question + modal verb + S + main verb?

Ví dụ: How can you behave like that?

Why must you go?

Where can I find you?

Đối cùng với thì tương lai will và shall

Wh - question + will/shall + S + main verb?

Ví dụ: Where will you go?

How will you get there?

What shall we do?

Đối với cồn từ thường

Wh - question + auxiliary verb (trợ động từ) + S + main verb?

Ví dụ: Where do you live?

When did you get married?

How do you spell your name?

Danh cồn từ làm chủ ngữGoing to the cinema is fun.

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Behaving like that is not good.Danh động từ đứng sau giới từI am thinking about going camping in the moutain.She is afraid of going there.Danh hễ từ làm tân ngữ sau một số động từShe likes jogging.I stopped smoking two years ago.

Một số đụng từ theo sau là danh rượu cồn từ: admit, avoid, imagine, suggest, consider, can"t help, forgive, keep,....

Một số rượu cồn từ theo sau bởi động trường đoản cú nguyên mẫu có hai bí quyết dùng:Main verb + to-infinitiveWe hope to see you again.Main verb + O + to - infinitiveHe asked me to go with him.Dùng danh rượu cồn từ với các động tự hoặc tính trường đoản cú theo sau bằng một giới từShe is afraid of going out alone at night.We approve of studying hard.He is sad at doing housework all day.Dùng hễ từ nguyên chủng loại theo sau những tính từ. Nhiều tính từ được dùng để miêu tả tình cảm hoặc thái độ, hành động trong tương lai.I am eager to go khổng lồ America.She is glad to help him.Động trường đoản cú nguyên mẫu cũng rất được dùng sau danh từIt"s time khổng lồ go.He made a decision to wait.We have the right lớn vote.Một số động từ hoàn toàn có thể được theo sau vừa danh hễ từ vừa cồn từ nguyên mẫu: begin, hate, like, try, remember, start, stop, forget,...She started lớn learn English when she was 5 years old.She started learning English when she was 5 years old.

Make questions for the following response. (Đặt câu hỏi cho những câu trả lời sau.)

1. ________________________?

Just a few days ago.

2. ________________________?

For a few days.

3. ________________________?

I came with a friend.

4. ________________________?

In the center of the city.

5. ________________________?

Because it is interesting.

6. ________________________?

It"s seven o"clock.

7. ________________________?

They have three children.

Guide khổng lồ answer

1. When did you arrive here/ come?

2. How long did you stay here?

3. Who did you come with?

4. Where do you live?

5. Why vị you come to this city?/ Why bởi you like learning English?

6. Sorry, what time is it?

7. How many children vì your friends/ they have?

Fill each blank with an -ing or to + infinitive form of the verbs in brackets. (Điền vào địa điểm trống một dạng -ing hoặc to + nguyên mẫu của những động từ vào ngoặc.)


Guide khổng lồ answer

1. Khổng lồ hear

2. Going

3. Remembering

4. Doing

5. Worrying

6. To lớn pay

7. To go

8. Visiting

9. Seeing

10. Hearing

Complete the following sentences, using an -ing or to + infinitive form of the verbs in the box. (Hoàn thành những câu sau, áp dụng một dạng -ing hoặc to + nguyên mẫu của các động từ trong khung.)


1. It was a nice day. So we decided _________ for a walk.

2. I"m not in a hurry. I don"t mind ___________.

3. They were hungry, so she suggested _________ dinner early.

4. I"m still looking for a job but I hope _________ something soon.

5. We must bởi vì something. We can"t go on __________ like this.

6. Could you please stop _________ so much noise?

7. Our neighbour threatened _________ the police if we don"t stop the noise.

8. Lan was in a difficult situation, so I agreed __________ her some money.

9. Suddenly everybody stopped __________.

10. Don"t forget _________ the leller I gave you.

Guide khổng lồ answer

1. It was a nice day. So we decided to go for a walk.

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2. I"m not in a hurry. I don"t mind waiting.

3. They were hungry, so she suggested having dinner early.

4. I"m still looking for a job but I hope to find something soon.

5. We must vị something. We can"t go on living like this.

6. Could you please stop making so much noise?

7. Our neighbour threatened to call the police if we don"t stop the noise.

8. Lan was in a difficult situation, so I agreed to lend her some money.

9. Suddenly everybody stopped talking.

10. Don"t forget to post the leller I gave you.

1. A: I always want lớn visit San Francisco.

B: Me too. I"d love to visit it some time.

2. A: Tom seems lớn enjoy watching football matches.

B: Yes, he loves.................. Manchester United play.

3. A: bởi you think they"ll approve the plan?

B: Yes, I"m quite sure they"ll decide ..................... It.

4. A: bởi you want khổng lồ come with me or wait here?"

B: I"d prefer .................. With you if that"s OK.

5. A: You wear a uniform at school, don"t you?

B: Yes, I have to, although I

6. A: I"m glad I don"t work as late as Sarah does.

B: Me too. I wouldn"t like............................ Such long hours.

7. A: Have ICM bought the company?

B: Well, they"ve offered ..................... It.

8. A: How long have you been working here?

B: For about three years. But now I need a new job. I can"t stand ............... Here any more.

9. A: What time will you be back?

B: Oh, I expect................... Back some time around nine

10. A: I"m sorry you had to lớn wait all that time.

B: Oh, it"s all right. I don"t mind...............


2. Lớn watch/ watching

3. Khổng lồ approve

4. To lớn come

5. To lớn wear

6. Lớn work

7. To lớn buy

8. Working

9. To lớn be

10. Waiting

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Câu 1:Choose from the four options given (marked A, B, C, and D) one best answer lớn complete each sentence by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C, or D.

Among Physics, Chemistry, Biology, & Literature, ______________ subject vì you lượt thích most?