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Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence, substitutes the underlined part, or has a close meaning khổng lồ the original one.

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1. My father works for a construction company in _______.

a. Winchester, which is a thành phố in the U.K. B. Winchester, that is a thành phố in the U.K.

c. Winchester is a city in the U.K. D. Winchester where is a thành phố in the U.K.

2. Ms Young, to lớn _______ many of her students are writing, is living happily và peacefully in Canada.

a. Who b. Whom c. That d. Whose

3. I saw a lot of new people at the party, _______ seemed familiar.

a. Some of whom b. Some of who c. Whom d. Some of that

4. My friend eventually decided khổng lồ quit her job, _______ upset me a lot

a. That b. When c. Which d. Who

5. He is the man _______ car was stolen last week.

a. Whom b. That c. Which d. Whose

6. They have just found the couple and their car _______ were swept away during the heavy storm last week.

a. That b. Which c. Whose d. When

7. It was the worst winter _______ anyone could remember.

a. When b. Which c. Where d. Why

8. I would like to know the reason _______ he decided lớn quit the job.

a. Why b. Which c. That d. When

9. _____ instructed me how to make a good preparation for a job interview.

a. John Robbins khổng lồ that I spoke by telephone,

b. John Robbins, that I spoke khổng lồ by telephone,

c. John Robbins I spoke to by telephone,

d. John Robbins, whom I spoke to lớn by telephone,

10. He was always coming up with new ideas, _____were absolutely impracticable.

a. Most of whom b. That c. Most of which d. Most of that

11. She always had wanted to go khổng lồ places _______ she could speak her native tongue.

a. That b. In that c. Which d. Where

12. February is the month ____ many of my colleagues take skiing holidays.

a. When b. That c. In that d. Which

13. There was no one _______.

a. I could ask for help b. When I could ask for help

c. I could ask whom for help d. For that I could ask for help

14. The children were quite attracted by the tamer & his animals _______ were performing on the stage.

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a. That b. Which c. Whom d. Who

15. Is there anything else _______ you want lớn ask?

a. What b. Where c. Whom d. That

16. I come from the Seattle area, _______ many successful companies such as Microsoft và Boeing are located.

a. Which b. That c. Where d. Whom

17. They have just visited the town _______ location was little known.

a. Where b. Whose c. Which d. That

18. _______ one of the most creative artists in rock 'n roll, came from California.

a. Frank Zappa, who was b. Frank Zappa was

c. Frank Zappa, that was d. Frank Zappa whom was

19. He came lớn the buổi tiệc nhỏ wearing only a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, _______ was a stupid thing lớn do.

a. Who b. Whom c. Which d. That

20. He lives in a small town _______.

a. Where is called Taunton b. Which is called Taunton

c. Is called Taunton d. That called Taunton

21. The house _______ is more than 100 years old.

a. Where I live b. In where I live c. In that I live d. Where I live in

22. _______ want to lớn get a god job have to have certain qualifications & experience.

a. Who b. Those which c. Those who d. Those whom

23. Wild fires are common in the forest areas of Australia, of the US & Canada, _______ the climate is moist.

a. In where b. In that c. Where d. Which

24. King Henry, _______ was Elizabeth I, led England into the Age of Empire.

a. Daughter b. Whom daughter c. Which daughter d. Whose daughter

25. Frank invited Janet, _______, to lớn the party.

a. Met in nhật bản b. Meeting in Japan

c. Whom he had met in japan d. That he had met in Japan

26. The singer, _______ most recent recording has had much success, is signing autographs.

a. Whose b. That c. Who d. Whom

27. He likes shopping between 1.00 & 3.00 pm, _______ most people are at home.

a. When b. Where c. In which d. At that

28. He took me lớn an expensive restaurant where we enjoyed a good meal.

a. Enjoyed a good meal b. Lớn enjoy a good meal

c. Và enjoying a good meal d. We enjoyed a good meal in which

29. The fishermen và their boats ____ were off the coast three days ago have just been reported lớn be missing.

a. Which b. That c. Who d. Whom

30. The banker to lớn _______ I gave my kiểm tra was quite friendly.

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a. Who b. That c. Whom d. Which

31. Birds make nests in trees _______ they can hide their young in the leaves và branches.