Odds and ends nghĩa là gì


odds và ends

various items We made games for the children from odds và ends from around the house.

odds and ends|ends|odds

n. Phr. Miscellaneous items; remnants. After the great annual clearance sale there were only a few odds và ends left in the store.

odds và ends

An assortment of small, miscellaneous items, especially those that are not especially important or valuable. I can never find what I need amongst all the odds and ends in this drawer! I wish the house weren"t so cluttered up with odds and ends.Learn more: and, end, odds

odds and ends

miscellaneous things. There were lots of odds & ends in the attic, but nothing of real value. I had the whole house cleaned out except for a few odds & ends that you might want to lớn keep.Learn more: and, end, odds

odds và ends

Miscellaneous items, fragments and remnants, as in I"ve finished putting everything away, except for a few odds và ends.

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This expression may have originated as odd ends in the mid-1500s, meaning "short leftovers of some material" (such as lumber or cloth). It had acquired its present form và meaning by the mid-1700s. Learn more: and, end, odds

odds and ends

miscellaneous articles and remnants. A racier alternative formulation is odds and sods .Learn more: and, end, odds

odds and ˈends

(British English also odds & ˈsods) (informal) small items that are not valuable or are not part of a larger set: She’s got all kinds of interesting odds và ends on her desk. ♢ I’ve got a few odds và ends (= small jobs) to do before leaving.Learn more: and, end, odds

odds và ends

Fragments và remnants; a miscellaneous collection. This term may have originated as odd ends, meaning short leftovers from bolts of cloth. It was transferred to lớn miscellany of other kinds by the mid-sixteenth century, và by the mid-eighteenth century it had become the modern cliché.Learn more: and, end, oddsLearn more:
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