This situation remains similar to that in the original investigation.Anything similar to what we"re experiencing?Exposure produces symptoms similar to Parkinson"s.Airline telemetry systems use processors similar to those found in C.B. Radios.The concept is similar to directed dreaming.The safety profile of pravastatin was similar to placebo.Dry-erase markers produce a fine particulate dust similar to chalk.It"s chemically similar to what was in Private McAlpin"s blood.At a cultural development stage similar to the Earth"s 14th century.It happened 15 years ago, it"s very similar to ours.only glass fibre waste possessing physicochemical properties similar to asbestosIt was all very similar to your case.Essentially it"s a biopolymer, similar to a polysaccharide, but with organo-metallic compounds mixed in.The various wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum... Are similar to the strings on a violin.I guess I am similar to you father.Her age is similar to that girl from before.The Commission notes that these figures are similar to the ones provided by the UK authorities.The name is similar to Pardek"s.It is similar to our tractor beam, only much more powerful.Three other planets in this sector have environmental conditions similar to Dorvan V.

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