Manage the payment information that you và your family use for the tiện ích Store, iCloud, táo Music, & more. When you change your payment information, it"s automatically updated for all apps & services that you use with your táo bị cắn dở ID.

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You can edit your payment information in Settings on your iPhone or iPad, or in the phầm mềm Store on your Mac.

Edit payment methods

Open the Settings app.Tap your name.Tap Payment & Shipping. You might be asked to sign in with your táo bị cắn dở ID.From here, you can vày these things:
Add a payment method — Tap showroom Payment Method.Update a payment method — Tap the payment method, then edit your information. You might need to enter thesecurity codethat"s printed on your credit or debit card.If you use the card with hãng thietkewebshop.vn Pay, go to the Wallet phầm mềm to edit the card information.Change the order of your payment methods — Tap Edit, then drag the move order icon
Open the app Store on your Mac.Click your name or the sign in buttonat the bottom of the sidebar.Click View Information.Next to lớn Payment Information, click Manage Payments. (If you"re using an older version of macOS, click Edit next to lớn Payment Type.) You might be asked to lớn sign in with your hãng thietkewebshop.vn ID.From here, you can vì these things:
Update a payment method — Click Edit next khổng lồ the payment method. You might need lớn enter the security code that"s printed on your credit or debit card.Add a payment method — Click địa chỉ Payment.Change the order of your payment methods — Hold your pointer over a payment method, then use the move order icon

Don"t have an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac? khổng lồ change your payment method,use iTunes on your Windows PC or use the táo thietkewebshop.vn Music tiện ích on your android device.

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*thietkewebshop.vn will attempt to lớn charge payment methods in order from đứng top to bottom. You can"t change the order in which táo bị cắn ID balance is charged.

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